Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lucky Boy Burrito (Breakfast)

If you heard about The Lucky Boy drive in Pasadena CA, you must have heard about their famous Zucchini fries, but if breakfast is what you came for, you gotta have their breakfast burrito. All their ingredients are fresh, and they have had the same cooks for over 12 years. These guy's nail it with the eggs, hash-browns, your choice of meat(or avocados instead of meat),and cheese. I believe it really makes a difference what order you assemble a breakfast burrito, and Lucky Boy has their own unique technique that never fails. Make sure you try it with their green salsa.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Spuderito (French Fries)

Ricks Burgers in Pasadena CA has been serving great burgers, fries, and shakes for over two decades. Using nothing but freshest ingredients, this place is often packed, especially during lunch hours. However the top seller to this day is The Spuderito. It totally lives up to the hype, this burrito is genius. Rick's has been serving this local favorite for over a decade now, and word has it that the owner Ralph would be making it for himself at Rick's until customers in the know begged him to put it on the menu. This burrito is stuffed with French fries, cheese, and salsa. I know it's sounds really simple, but these ingredients in the right hands, becomes a masterpiece. Go get yourself a spuderito, and while you are at it get the "I Love Spuderito's" shirt!

Jesse's Extra Special Burrito. (Chicken)

El Arco Iris restuarant is found on the pleasant York Blvd in Highland Park CA. This Restaurant has been a a local gem for quite sometime now, from their tasty house margaritas, to their awesome savory tacos, this place really packs flavor and quality. But their top seller to this day, since they opened in 1964 is Jesse's Extra Special Burrito. The have a variation on this burrito simply called Jesse's burrito, but let me assure you that ordering the extra special burrito lives up to it's name. I have had the pleasure of enjoying this burrito at the restaurant (with a house margarita), but i often found myself calling in to pick this yummy burrito up and secretly spoil myself in the comfort of my home. The burrito is packed with beans, cheddar cheese, guacamole, sour cream, your choice of meat (i suggest chicken) and topped with your choice of mild or hot salsa and cheddar cheese. All their meats are marinated over night, but something about their chicken which they marinate with lime and their secret ingredients is a mouthful of flavor. After you consume this burrito you will find yourself thinking back on how tasty it was, and you will have to clean the drool off your chin when you daydream about the flavors.

The Famous Hollenbeck Burrito (Pork)

El Tepeyac Restaurant is no secret to a lot of Los Angelinos, found in East Los Angeles this restaurant really serves up the portions. All their dishes are delicious but what they are most famous for since the restaurant opened in 1956, is their Hollenbeck Burrito. The Burrito itself is the star of the show, with their chef's using nothing but the freshest ingredients which they have delivered every morning, this burrito is filled with rice, beans, guacamole, cheese, pulled pork, and salsa. If you don't have a big appetite i suggest sharing the burrito, but for those who are willing take the challenge, order a Horchata to go with this meal that you will not soon forget.

Welcome to LA Food Finds!

Welcome to LA Food Finds, where you will hear about your already favorite or your new favorite foods in LA. Each week i will choose a different food, and choose my favorite variations on that dish found around the beautiful city of Los Angeles. This week is all about Burrito's.